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ILM Accredited Programme – Level 3 Certificate in Coaching

A ‘must-have’ programme of development for line managers and in-house coaches

Coaching is a core skill for line managers. Getting the balance of support and challenge right is essential for them to be effective as a coach.

But this is a tricky balance to strike. Line managers often feel conflicted between striving to achieve demanding business goals whilst operating as a coach in the best interests of the team members they serve.

The line manager has a strong personal investment in the performance of the team members they coach – and this can interfere with their coaching effectiveness.

So it requires special qualities of genuine empathy, integrity, appropriate detachment and a willingness to create challenge in a way that motivates their team members to want to achieve more.

On this unique and extensive programme we help managers and in-house coaches demonstrate those qualities and much more through a range of interventions, including:


Face-to-face workshops

One-to-one & peergroup coaching and supervision

One-to-one & peer group coaching and supervision

Self-managed learning modules

Self-managed learning modules

All of which helps the coach gain a thorough understanding of coaching concepts and demonstrate the practical use of coaching in various workplace situations.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Coaching for Success programme – for me one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had. Thanks for everything.

HR Business Partner

The course has helped me a great deal in the way I approach every situation I enter into now. I enjoyed all of it and felt motivated and energized by each part. Thank you for all your feedback throughout the process. You both helped me a great deal and I really appreciate it.

Customer Service Operations Leader

Thanks again for a brilliant session. This will lead to a more engaged team and can only be good for the business as a whole.

Sales Team Manager


With a strong emphasis on embedding coaching effectiveness in the workplace, our programme features the following blend of interventions:


3 x 1-day face-to-face workshops

Engaging, inclusive and participative workshops, with a strong emphasis on skills practice. Lots of opportunity to get quality feedback and receive personal coaching from facilitators and peers.


3 x 1.5 hour one-to-one coaching and supervision sessions

Live observation and feedback of a real coaching conversation with a Magnolia coach, together with a personal review of coaching progress.


3 x 1 hour peer group coaching supervision sessions

Facilitated by a Magnolia coach, action-learning approach is used to encourage peer coaching around a range of real experiences and to create a coaching culture.


3 x self-managed learning modules

Essential reading together with practical preparation and reflection exercises that complement face-to-face interventions and help to build coaching portfolio.

Coaching for Success delivers the following results...

Tangible uplifts in performance

Increased engagement and motivation

Team members taking greater responsibility for their performance and effectiveness

More performance improvement plans in place

More honest and challenging conversations

Increased confidence in the coaches, leading to increased coaching activity

Face to face workshops – what do we cover?

Our workshops cover a range of coaching concepts, skills and qualities relevant to workplace coaching - with each workshop building on the last. Highly practice-based - all practice sessions resonate strongly with day-to-day realities and can be applied immediately.

Workshop 1


Core qualities and skills

Planning and preparation

Coaching model and practice

Coaching records

Goal setting

Workshop 2


Levels of coaching goals

Advanced listening and questioning

Getting to root cause and personal drivers

Challenging performance gaps

Quick-fire coaching for individuals and teams

Workshop 3


Strengths-based coaching

Beliefs and values of the coach

Using diagnostic tools in workplace coaching

Non-directive developmental coaching

All of which helps the coach gain a thorough understanding of coaching concepts and demonstrate the practical use of coaching in various workplace situations.

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching-what’s involved?

In addition to the structured learning described above, all participants complete at least 36 hours of recorded workplace coaching activity over a 6-month period. The range of coaching activities recorded and reflected upon helps participants build a portfolio of evidence to satisfy these 3 qualification units:

Understanding good practice in workplace coaching

Undertaking an extended period of coaching in the workplace

Reflecting on workplace coaching skills

A full induction to the ILM qualification is included at the beginning of the programme and participants are encouraged to build their evidence from the start.

In-company and open programme options

We run the programme on an in-company basis for organisations seeking to build internal coaching capability AND as an open programme for individuals who want to expand their coaching effectiveness and achieve a recognized coaching qualification.

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